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The one hundredth anniversary of the church was celebrated as a year of jubilee. We began celebrating our Centennial Anniversary in January and continued throughout the year with a special activity each month. Some of the special events that took place were: “A Journey Back Home” Sunday, March 19th at 6:00 p.m. at 2221 Forest Street (our original home site), which was deeded to King Solomon United Baptist Church, under the pastorage of Rev. W. C. Barker; a 100-male voice recital, Sunday, June 21st, on Father’s Day; and a church directory was published, sponsored by members of the July birth month with the support of the entire congregation. There were many other events that took place during the year, ending with a “Blue and Gold” Banquet on December 11, 1992.
Rev. Badger announced his retirement in 1995 after forty-eight glorious years of dedicated service. His main purpose was to feed the sheep and lead them to Jesus Christ—no matter who they were, where they came from, or from what they had done. He said to us many times, “We are all God’s children, and He (God) loves us all. We should keep our eyes focused on Him, for all our help comes from the Lord.”
Rev. Leofric Thomas was chosen as the new leader and accepted pastorate on June 25, 1995. He was officially installed as Pastor on November 12, 1995. Under his leadership, the Sanctuary Choir was organized, (all adult choirs combined as one). All auxiliaries were changed to ministries, the Tape Ministry was formed, and Children’s Church was organized. Reverend Thomas served Emanuel until April 12, 1999.
Under Pastor Emeritus Badger’s leadership, eight deacons were ordained on April 16, 2000. They were: Deacon Samuel Curinton, Charles Flagg, Kenneth Hudson, Brian Jones, Ivery Oates, Walter Solomon, Jr., Kevin Williams and Thaddeus Wilson.
The church has continued to grow spiritually and physically. Rev. Herb Anderson was chosen to lead the congregation on April 27, 2000. His request was for the Emanuel Family to pray for Love, Oneness, Respect and Dedication. Rev. Anderson preached his first sermon as Emanuel’s pastor on Mother’s Day, May 14, 2000. He was officially installed as Pastor on September 24, 2000. He served as moderator of the Union Progressive Association from 2006 – 2014. Under his leadership, three ministers were ordained on June 29, 2003 (Rev. Aaron Flagg, Jr., Rev. Eugene Flagg, and Rev. Galvester Washington); five deacons were ordained on October 19, 2003 (Francis Anderson, Johnnie Burnett, George Freeland, Lawrence Venable and Douglas Richmond); the Creative Arts Ministry was formed in the spring of 2007, directed by Ruth C. Taylor; four ministers and one deacon were ordained on December 5, 2007 (Rev. Kenneth Devoe, Rev. Kenneth Hudson, Rev. Walter Solomon, Jr., Rev. Morris Wright and Deacon Michael Jackson).
By the grace of God, Rev. Anderson’s vision, and the support of our church family, we began construction of a new multipurpose building which has fourteen classrooms, a reception area and a “state of the art” culinary and dining area. This project was completed in June of 2008 and dedicated on June 22, 2008. The Cornerstone Laying Services were held on September 20, 2009. Juanita Simmons was appointed Event Coordinator and Vivian Linton was appointed the Culinary Supervisor in January 2008. The Culinary Ministry has received many accolades for their outstanding service.
Rev. Anderson organized the Visitation Ministry, currently led by Minister Kevin Williams. Minister Williams was issued a license to preach on March 8, 2009. Ronald Simmons, Delmon Howell and James Howell were ordained deacons on January 31, 2010. Santo Anderson, Frank Morene, Elbert Jackson and Gregory Wingard were ordained deacons on August 21, 2011. David Hart, Benny Moore, David Roberson, Jr., and Joseph Smith were ordained deacons on February 17, 2013. The Books of The Bible Sunday School Class was dedicated in memory of Ethel J. Wingard in 2015. The Fellowship Hall Board Room was dedicated in memory of Deacon Willie J. Smith in 2016. Tyrone E. Davis and Gartrell Daniels were ordained deacons on February 1, 2015. The Small Auditorium was renovated in 2015 and named the Eugene Flagg Multi-Purpose Auditorium in memory of Reverend Eugene Flagg. The Deaconess Room was dedicated in memory of Doretha Bynum Jones on February 17, 2016. On July 3, 2016, The Dance Studio was named in honor of Ruth C. Taylor, Creative Arts Director.
Rev. Anderson resigned from his pastoral duties on October 8, 2017, announcing he had accepted the call to a church in Kansas City, Missouri. God has blessed and is still blessing the Emanuel Family. As we wait for God to send us the pastor that He has chosen, we thank God for the spiritual leadership provided by Deacon W. L. Wingard and the powerful spoken word provided by the associate ministers—Rev. Aaron Flagg, Rev. Kenneth Hudson, Rev. Kenneth Devoe, and Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Carter and Minister Kevin Williams.
In 2018, the Sunshine Singers were re-activated under the direction of Sister Ann King and a Ladies Choir was organized by Sister Erma Mitchell.
God has blessed and is still blessing the Emanuel Family. While we prayed and waited for God to send us the pastor that He had chosen, we were blessed by God with spiritual leadership provided by Deacon W. L. Wingard and the powerful spoken word provided by the associate ministers—Rev. Aaron Flagg, Rev. Kenneth Hudson, Rev. Kenneth Devoe, Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Carter, and Minister Kevin Williams.
After much prayer and fasting, the Lord heard our prayers. He sent us a powerful man of God—the Reverend William B. Wiggins, II of Quincy, Florida. Reverend Wiggins preached his first sermon as our pastor on Sunday, July 7, 2019 and was officially installed as Pastor on November 17, 2019. Under Pastor Wiggins’ leadership, the Media Ministry was enhanced. Members were able to view Wednesday evening Bible Study and Sunday morning Worship Services on Facebook Live or dial-in to the conference call line. Rev. Wiggins resigned on Thursday, December 9, 2021.

Under the guidance of Deacon Wilbert L. Wingard, the following men were ordained as deacons on Sunday, May 31, 2022: Royce Badger, Richard Cain, Ronald Roberson, and Walter Smith.

We are “Emanuel Strong” and grateful for the leadership and services provided by Deacon Wingard, the Rev. Aaron Flagg, and the Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Carter.
Eyes haven’t seen – Ears haven’t heard – All He has done for us!
Mission Statement: “Elevate the Saviour, Edify the Saints, and Evangelize Sinners
Church Motto: “Empowered by God to Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ”