Emanuel Missionary Baptist Church College Scholarship Applications and College & High school Graduate Recognition forms.

You may refer any questions regarding the education fund to any member of the Education Board listed below:

Brenda Brown, Chairperson                         Erma Mitchell,Co Chairperson                                 

Rosemary Anderson                                      Solomon Badger

Annette Bell                                                   Harold Brown

Betty R. Burney                                             Curtis Griffin

Rosa Griffin                                                    Terotha Ray

Rosalind Rawls                                              Gwendolyn Rogers 

Ulyssess Stockling                                         Erica Davis-Strong


Please download the application for the scholarship that you would like to apply for, fill it out, save to your desktop then click the upload link below to submit your completed application. If you can not upload completed application Please return it to one of the Education Board Members listed above.